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Ongoing Events:

The Mahopac Writers Ongoing Workshop – Event Type: Weekly ZOOM workshop for writers. Start Time: 6:45 PM End Time: 8:45 PM Description: A self-managed/peer support writing workshop. No age limit. No genre limits. (There may be some limit on taste, ie, in favor of ‘good taste’, in language and subject matter.) Bring your writing, read and discuss it with other writers. –You might be limited to six minutes for reading and five minutes for discussion, as per time limitations. We also discuss general writing issues. Contact: Vin Dacquino 845-206-7703 Presenter: Vincent Dacquino

More Events:

  • Vin Dacquino to Present at Young Authors Conference
    April 30, 2024

    Vin Dacquino will be one of several authors to present at the BOCES YOUNG AUTHORS CONFERENCE at the BOCES Yorktown Campus on April 3l, from 8 am to pm. Dacquino will focus on the importance of creating a great beginning for your stories.


  • Untitled Event
    May 6, 2024


  • Brewster Library to Host Vin Dacquino May 8, 2024
    May 8, 2024

    Vin Dacquino will address patrons of Brewster Library on May 8, 2024. Dacquino is the author of several books on Sybil Ludington, including, THE CALL TO ARMS; PATRIOT HERO OF THE HUDSON VALLEY; SYBIL LUDINGTON: Discovering the Life of a Revolutionary War Hero; SYBIL LUDINGTON: Grandmother's Story


  • Mahopac Library to host Vin Dacquino on Sept 3
    September 3, 2024

    The Mahopac Library will host a talk on Sybil Ludington by Vincent T. Dacquino on Sept 3 from 6 pm to 7 pm. Dacquino is the author of several books on the teenage hero including PATRIOT HERO OF THE HUDSON VALLEY, released 2019.


  • Tuckahoe Senior Citizens will host author Vin Dacquino on Sept 10, 024
    September 10, 2024

    Vin Dacquino will do an exciting oral rendition of Berton Braley's SYBIL LUDINGTON'S RIDE for the Tuckahoe seniors and discuss his book, PATRIOT HERO OF THE HUDSON VALLEY. The event is scheduled for Sept.10 at 1 pm.


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