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Sybil Ludington – The Call to Arms

Sybil Ludington Sybil Ludington – The Call to Arms

Sybil Ludington earned a place in American History on a rainy night in 1777 when she rode 40 miles through enemy infested woods to summon her father’s regiment to halt a British raid on Connecticut and New York. Though Paul Revere is the most celebrated revolutionary to sound the call to arms, Sybil Ludinton’s ride was bolder and far more dangerous, and she was only sixteen years old. Widowed young, she became a successful businesswoman in a profession then dominated by men and raised her son to become a man of stature in his community. This is her first biography.

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  1. AvatarKatherine says:

    Dear Vincent Dacquino,

    I am involved with the National History Day program. I am doing my project on Sybil Ludington. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with finding some primary sources. Thanks!

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