The 1st Annual Children’s Holiday Book Fair

Strand Theatre presents
The 1st Annual Children’s Holiday Book Fair
“Let’s Talk About Books”
The power of a story becomes magnified when it is shared.

The historic Strand Theater in Hudson Falls, New York is the host site for the community’s 1st Annual Children’s Holiday Book Fair “Let’s Talk About Books” Admission is free to the public for this event set for Friday, November 23 featuring four North Country authors who have written books for children and young adults.

Let’s Talk About Books is the perfect opportunity to pick up a uniquely personalized gift in time for the holidays during a special afternoon event the whole family can enjoy. As a bonus there will also be some special give-a-ways. The Strand Theatre is located at 210 Main Street, Hudson Falls, New York.

Authors participating in the 1st Annual Children’s Holiday Book Fair include:

Gary & Carol VanRiper are the co-author and illustrator for The Adirondack Kids® series of children’s books. Written and published with their son, Justin VanRiper, what began as a fun family writing project has over the years become a family-owned company with more than 160,000 copies in the series sold. The VanRipers will be sharing a brief behind-the-scenes look at the story behind their stories!

John W. Nassivera event creator and the author of two fiction titles set in Hudson Falls, The Garden Raid and newly published Chain Links: We’re Better Together. John W. Nassivera will be introducing his new novel Chain Links: We’re Better Together through a live musical performance.

DJ Renner is the author of the historical fiction book The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale set in mid 1600s North America. He has also written two contemporary fiction titles set in the Adirondacks, Raising Dad, Using Middle School Rules and soon to be released Little Land of Loose Ends. He will share his inspiration for becoming a writer and be assisted by Schuylerville MS Students who will introduce each book.

Vincent T. Dacquino is the author of a biography on Revolutionary War heroine, Sybil Ludington titled Sybil Ludington: The Call to Arms. He has also published Haunting of the Hudson River Valley: an Investigative Journey. His new book, Patriot Hero of the Hudson Valley: The Life and Ride of Sybil Ludington will be released on April 1, 2019. He is also the author of several Young Adult and Children’s books.  

The theatre doors open at 1 p.m. with the opportunity to meet and greet all the authors who will be on hand until 5:30 p.m. to autograph and personalize their books.

From 2-3 p.m. each author will take turns on the stage offering unique insight into their work through art, video, live music and spoken word.

“Lend A Hand With A Can” Please consider bringing a can of food to support Doreen’s Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry, Inc. Donations are always appreciated at any time of year to help support The Strand Theatre so their good work continues in the community.


Ep 1 Pat Bonano Esq. 2/4/16
Ep 2 Ron Taylor 2/4
Ep 3 Jim Hoffman 2/25
Ep4 Karl Milde 2/25
Ep 5 Ron Blanco 3/3
Ep 6 Stuart Hersh 3/3
Ep 7 Frank Hickey 3/10
Ep 8 Larry Light 3/10
Ep 9 J. Reuben Silverbird 4/5
Ep 10 Amy Campanaro 4/5
Ep 11 Score
Ep 12 J. Rathschmidt (United for the Troops) 4/13
Ep 13 Michelle Capozzella (Director Mahopac Library)
Ep 14 Alex Forbes (song writer) 5/4
Ep 15 Mahopac Garden Club 5/11
Ep 16 John Bourges (Vet2Vet)
Ep 17 Rebecca Cohen (Author)
Ep 18 Cindy Snow (Bonnie Boxes)
Ep 19 Alana Sweeny (United Way)
Ep 20 Weiser and Howie 6/8
Ep 21 Peter Feinman (IHARE) 7/6
Ep 22 Larry Maxwell (Historian) 7/6
Ep 23 Marlana Filammino 7/12
Ep 24 Gil Tarbox (Ninham Mountain Singers) 7/12
Ep 25 Yanna Guo (Author) 8/3
Ep 26 Renee Fleury 8/3
Ep 27 Deanna Mancuso 8/3
Ep 28 Bob Lee (Author) 8/31
Ep 29 Apicella and Eisenkraft 8/31
Ep 30 Sonia Hicks (Author) 9/7
Ep 31 Suzi McDonough and Eugene Parrotta 10/5
Ep 32 Nancy Ray Taylor (Artist/Author) 10/5
Ep 33 Tracey Walsh and Janinie Callahan (American Cancer Society) 10/12
Ep 34 Paul Savior (Actor) 10/12
Ep 35 Eastchester Historians Forliano and Halen 11/2
Ep 36 D. Sancho (Author) 11/2
Ep 37 Jeremy K Brown 11/9
Ep 38 NY Riders-Putnam County 11/9
Ep 39 John Nassivera "The Garden Raid" 12/7
Ep 40- Linda Kassal Fusco- Navigating MathLand 12/7
Ep 41 Sharon Gelfand- Nutritionist 12/15
Ep 42 Kristina Antosik- Metaphysician 12/15/16
Extra- Christmas Spot 12/15/16
Ep 43 E Palma 1/4/17
Ep 44 Joyce Picone 1/4/17
Ep 45- Tom O'Reilly "More Sugar" 1/11/17
Ep 46 Todd Goldfinger 1/11
Ep 47 Bill Pope 2/1
Ep 48 Bob Mayer 2/8
Ep 49 Scott Johnson 2/8
Ep 50 50th Episode Special 3/8
Ep 51 Carnell Newsome 3/1
Ep 52 Sarah Johnson 3/1
Ep 53 Petey Hop 3/8
Ep 54 David Carraturo 4/5
Ep 55 Mike Falotico 4/5
Ep 56 Joe and Mrs. Chiudina 4/12
Ep 57 Todd Goldfinger 4/12
Ep 58 Michael Sauvageneau 5/3
Ep 59 Master Network 5/3
Ep 60 Stephanie Rogers 5/10
Ep 61 Clark Darling 5/10
Ep 62 Alana Sweeny 6/7
Ep 63 Maria Quezada 6/7
Ep 64 Alix Sugarman 6/14
Ep 65 Susan Salomone 6/14
Ep 66 Gloria Favreau
Ep 67 Lauren Spens
68 Heart
69 The Bellas
70 Brewsster Thester Co
71 Amanda boccardi and Catherine Potk
72 Dan Zlotnick
73 Linda Kasal Fusco
74 Karl Milde
75 Tyler Decembrino
76 Ed Hagan
77 Leslie dorler
78 Ron Blanco 1
79 Ron Blanco 2
80 Debrah Rafferty Oswald
81 John McMullen
82 Bill Lemanski
83 Peter Feinman
84 Mattson and Duncan
85 Peter Andrews
86 Devin Cenzo
87 David Steinberg
88 Chickie Donahue
89 Kathy Procario
90 Ed LaGarde
91 Rodella Hughes
92 Donna Massaro
93 Marissa Renee
94 Jim Matessino
95 Linda Lonergan
96 Renee Fleury
97 Davin Sessa
98 Chick Donahue
99 Frank Bastone
100 SPECIAL 100th SHOW
101 Amy Kaufman
102 V.S. Kemanis
103 Karinta DiMartino
104 Dan Court
105 Armanda Famiglietti
106 Elizabeth Audley
107 Clark Darling
108 Jennifer Degl
109 Mary Ellen Odell
Special Tribute to Gil
110 Kathy O'Donnell
111 Chris Kelsey
112 Joseph LoGuidice
113 Mary T. Prenon
114 Melanie Sessa
115 Susan and Larry Berliner
116 Sarah Bracey White
117 Alan and Dianne Towns
118 Ed Liss and andrew Stein
119 Phyllis Bruns
120 Vincent Bell
121 Dr. Annette Oliver Shands
122 Alexandra Morris
123 Dr. Jodi Kennedy
124 Reggie Marra
125 Dr. Deborah Hardy
126 Linda Griffin
127 Lisa Ferry
128 Terry Hummer
129 John McMullen
130 Ryan Hall
131 Anthony Rabasco
132 Frankie Becerra
133 Linda Silbert w/ Sposato family
134 Frank SanMarco
135 Seth Greenwald Pt. 1
137 Karl Milde
138 Deborah Rafferty Oswald
139 "Lanny" Gilbert
140 Donna Lee Miele
141 Strand Theater
142 Ann Cefola
143 Charles DeSimone
144 Frank Hickey
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